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Over the past few years, I’ve become a conscious consumer. If you’re looking to make a quick trip to the grocery store or drugstore – you probably don’t want to run errands with me. (Just ask my husband!) Once I started reading labels and researching ingredients to better understand the various chemicals and preservatives in my food, beauty and cleaning products, I couldn’t stop. When I found out I was pregnant Christmas Day 2013, things went into overdrive and I all but tossed everything from my kitchen and bathroom into the garbage.

But making a lifestyle change can be difficult and time-consuming. I’m “updating” my life slowly, and inviting you along for the ride as I try out new products and recipes (and try to stay within our limited family budget)! When I run out of everyday household items, I’m making better decision on how to replenish my stash – which sometimes mean trying a few different brands or a DIY concoction. I’ve become proficient at understanding how to read an ingredient list and a nutrition label. I make kale chips, household cleaners, baby food… and my husband a little nervous! I’m a first-time mother to a giggling 8 month old boy, and learning how to balance a healthy lifestyle with very little free time and a blooming freelance marketing career.

I’m a work-at-home mom struggling to look well-dressed while most of my clothes are still in moving crates, so I’m constantly on the hunt for affordable fashion that’s both comfortable and presentable (think: sweatshirt blazer) – and provides easy and discreet access to nurse!

I believe in balance and enjoying myself, especially when it means treating myself to warm homemade brownies topped with natural vanilla ice cream! I love nursing my baby, running outside all year-long and working hard to help others find products that work for their lifestyle and budget. If it’s eco-friendly, toxin-free and made in America – than we’ve found a winner!

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