IBCLC Helps with Nursing

Two months ago the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) asked me to join a webinar discussing the importance of breastfeeding. I was honored (and surprised!) they had seen my blog and were interested in my opinions as a nursing mother.

The IBCLC stresses the health benefits of nursing for both mom and baby. As someone who is interested in trying to live a healthful life, I like knowing exactly what my precious baby is drinking. Fortunately I was never on any medication or had other obstacles (other than the occasional bite!) that prevented us from having a successful nursing relationship. The first few weeks were tough as I struggled, like many do, with correct latch and tenderness until it sorted itself out. I’m part of a generation that benefits from nearly unlimited research and support if you seek it out. Even though I was in pain for a few weeks, everything I had heard and read said we would figure it out… and we did.
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Coconut Oil For Body & Home

Coconut Oil for Body & Home

I think by now most people (especially those of us interested in healthy living) have heard about the many uses of coconut oil. I love any product that can multitask, because I find buying a lot of specialized products just means more clutter in my home and ends up costing extra money.

My favorite use for coconut oil is as a moisturizer! I rub it on my elbows and knees before bed to keep rough spots smooth, or mix a little into my lotion when it needs a little oomph. It’s also great to rub on the ends of your hair – but use sparingly (or when you plan on having a bun day!).

Because it’s naturally free of toxins, I like to use it on my baby and in cooking as well. I use 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts lotion on the baby after a bath. If you’re little one is a mover, hit those knees with some extra!

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Safe Personal Care Products – Baby2Body

Safe Personal Care Products, Baby2Body

My cousin and I are always on the hunt for the best natural, safe personal care products. This summer, she purchased the EWG Sunscreen Sampler after trying a few brands she wasn’t crazy about last summer. (It’s so hard to find a healthy, affordable sunscreen that spreads evenly and doesn’t leave behind a chalky paste!) Sometimes you just want try a little bit before committing to the 1,000oz warehouse club sale. Parents should be aware of what is absorbed into their children (and their own!) skin.

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Summertime Grilled Peaches

Summertime Grilled Peaches & Giveaway

There are few things that feel more “American” than apple pie, baseball and summertime BBQs. Fresh off a decadent holiday weekend you might be looking for some healthy desserts. (I know I am!) It just doesn’t feel right to end a holiday weekend without something special. So keep the grill hot, and follow the instructions below for my Summertime Grilled Peaches. A juicy, satisfying dish that will please your guests and your bikini body :)

(Pssst… There’s also a “Made in America” giveaway from Pocket Poppet & Kuhf’s!)

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Nursing Next to the NYC Firefighters

Nursing with NYFD Blog Cover

It’s hard to believe I’ve been nursing my little baby boy for 9 ½ months. I always planned to try to make it a year, but it seemed so daunting at first – especially in every-two-hours newborn phase. Now, it seems like second nature. During the day, I nurse him in the morning, after his two naps, and before bed. There are times when he’s fresh (ouch!), or asks for an extra session, typically around the 5pm cranky-hour until Dad gets home.

Keep reading for a giveaway from Milk Nursingwear – they make fantastic nursing tops!

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