IBCLC Helps with Nursing

Two months ago the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) asked me to join a webinar discussing the importance of breastfeeding. I was honored (and surprised!) they had seen my blog and were interested in my opinions as a nursing mother.

The IBCLC stresses the health benefits of nursing for both mom and baby. As someone who is interested in trying to live a healthful life, I like knowing exactly what my precious baby is drinking. Fortunately I was never on any medication or had other obstacles (other than the occasional bite!) that prevented us from having a successful nursing relationship. The first few weeks were tough as I struggled, like many do, with correct latch and tenderness until it sorted itself out. I’m part of a generation that benefits from nearly unlimited research and support if you seek it out. Even though I was in pain for a few weeks, everything I had heard and read said we would figure it out… and we did.
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Nursing Next to the NYC Firefighters

Nursing with NYFD Blog Cover

It’s hard to believe I’ve been nursing my little baby boy for 9 ½ months. I always planned to try to make it a year, but it seemed so daunting at first – especially in every-two-hours newborn phase. Now, it seems like second nature. During the day, I nurse him in the morning, after his two naps, and before bed. There are times when he’s fresh (ouch!), or asks for an extra session, typically around the 5pm cranky-hour until Dad gets home.

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Baby prefers to nurse on one side

Nursing Advice on bridgetlivesfree.com

I hardly consider myself an expert (in anything), so I had a hard time deciding to answer whether or not to answer this question sent from a reader publicly. But you know what? I love hearing other moms opinions. Some of my best friends parent their children very differently than I do – and it doesn’t change our friendship. In fact, it’s great to learn alternatives, and we demonstrate acceptance and kindness to our young ones watching (and learning) how we treat others. It’s refreshing that most moms understand that usually going with their instinct is the right answer for them, and we can support each other as long as everyone is warm, fed and loved.

Jessica writes,

Do you have any tricks for getting your baby to nurse on a boob he doesn’t like? He favors one way more then the other! I have to pump it, but sometimes I don’t have time and wish he would just nurse off both. Thank you for your time, and keep on writing :)

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