Condition Your Hair While You Workout

Deep Condition Your Hair During Workouts

I’ll admit. I’m a little vain. I like wearing new clothes, cream blush and I love trying out new beauty and personal care products. (Just because I like to stay away from scary toxins, doesn’t mean I don’t use a curling iron!) I’m also a busy working-mom who (occasionally) likes to sleep and relax with friends on the deck during the summer. In fact, I try to do as much as a I can in the early morning hours during the week, so I can enjoy some downtown and perhaps even a cocktail on the weekends :)

For me, products that multitask are essential. My organic CC cream and coconut oil are two necessities that I can’t image doing without. Most recently, I tried out Hair Warrior. Hair Warrior works with your own body heat to protect and condition your hair while you work out. Yes, you read that correctly: You deep-condition your hair as you burn calories.

Keep reading for a coupon to try your very own bottle of Hair Warrior, and see my before and after photos!

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Monday Motivation: Walk More

Walking in Denver on


I always joke that I’m an “outdoor cat.” I go a little stir-crazy if I’m cooped up for too long. This winter was a little challenging – we had one working car, a tiny baby, lots of snow, and our temporary apartment located in a neighborhood that isn’t very walk-able. [Read more…]

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Get hiking

Spring is the perfect season to begin getting outside again on a regular basis (if you’ve been cooped up due to weather). If you’re out of practice, begin with walks and hikes. Nothing beats getting into nature.


Monday Motivation

Pilates strengthens your back

If you’re anything like me, stretching is almost an after thought… if a thought at all. Pilates is a great way to stretch and work your core. Give it a shot!