IBCLC Helps with Nursing

Two months ago the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) asked me to join a webinar discussing the importance of breastfeeding. I was honored (and surprised!) they had seen my blog and were interested in my opinions as a nursing mother.

The IBCLC stresses the health benefits of nursing for both mom and baby. As someone who is interested in trying to live a healthful life, I like knowing exactly what my precious baby is drinking. Fortunately I was never on any medication or had other obstacles (other than the occasional bite!) that prevented us from having a successful nursing relationship. The first few weeks were tough as I struggled, like many do, with correct latch and tenderness until it sorted itself out. I’m part of a generation that benefits from nearly unlimited research and support if you seek it out. Even though I was in pain for a few weeks, everything I had heard and read said we would figure it out… and we did.

If you’re struggling with nursing, please reach out to a certified lactation consultant. The sweetest woman taught a prenatal class at my hospital, and also stopped by the room once our son was born. Her advice and gentle encouragement was incredibly beneficial. As an exhausted day-old mom who really want to make it work, she helped with little tips and tricks to get me off on the right foot.

If you’re on the fence or thinking of giving up, reach out to the professionals. They want you to succeed. I believe human milk is perfectly designed for human babies, and I encourage you to at least try :)

IBLCE BreastFeeding Graphic

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