Condition Your Hair While You Workout

Deep Condition Your Hair During Workouts

I’ll admit. I’m a little vain. I like wearing new clothes, cream blush and I love trying out new beauty and personal care products. (Just because I like to stay away from scary toxins, doesn’t mean I don’t use a curling iron!) I’m also a busy working-mom who (occasionally) likes to sleep and relax with friends on the deck during the summer. In fact, I try to do as much as a I can in the early morning hours during the week, so I can enjoy some downtown and perhaps even a cocktail on the weekends 🙂

For me, products that multitask are essential. My organic CC cream and coconut oil are two necessities that I can’t image doing without. Most recently, I tried out Hair Warrior. Hair Warrior works with your own body heat to protect and condition your hair while you work out. Yes, you read that correctly: You deep-condition your hair as you burn calories.

Keep reading for a coupon to try your very own bottle of Hair Warrior, and see my before and after photos!

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27 Chemical-Free Cleaning Recipes

While I work on some new product reviews (nursing clothes! natural hair care!) and giveaways, why don’t you go clean your house?!

All kidding aside, there’s a lot of safe, homemade household cleaning product recipes online. We often forget that good, old-fashioned, warm soapy water often goes a long way. You don’t need a lot of specialized cleaners for every day spills.  This list compiled by Greatest has some fabulous options if you want to get a little more creative.

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Baby prefers to nurse on one side

Nursing Advice on

I hardly consider myself an expert (in anything), so I had a hard time deciding to answer whether or not to answer this question sent from a reader publicly. But you know what? I love hearing other moms opinions. Some of my best friends parent their children very differently than I do – and it doesn’t change our friendship. In fact, it’s great to learn alternatives, and we demonstrate acceptance and kindness to our young ones watching (and learning) how we treat others. It’s refreshing that most moms understand that usually going with their instinct is the right answer for them, and we can support each other as long as everyone is warm, fed and loved.

Jessica writes,

Do you have any tricks for getting your baby to nurse on a boob he doesn’t like? He favors one way more then the other! I have to pump it, but sometimes I don’t have time and wish he would just nurse off both. Thank you for your time, and keep on writing 🙂

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6 Myths: Starting Solid Foods

Some people think it’s a little strange that I feed my baby (now 8 months) everything that we eat. Why? It does two things:

1. Holds you accountable. If you’re uncomfortable feeding your innocent child what you’re eating, there’s usually a simple reason why. My little man eats eggs with vegetables almost every day breakfast and often has a morning snack of full-fat organic Greek yogurt with blended fruit and cinnamon (his favorite!). For dinner, he’ll often have a combination of our leftovers – including Salmon once a week. Fish. Dairy. Eggs. He loves them all, and so do we.

2. Saves money. If you’re not comfortable going the baby-led-weaning route, then mash up your food. Or pop it into a blender with some organic chicken broth. I only make baby food once or twice a week, but I make big batches. That way, we always have a variety of items to choose from in the freezer. You don’t need to buy food in stages, or pay for preservatives (which you don’t want anyway) or packaging.

Click the link below to read one of my favorite posts about baby food, written by one of the (fantastic) pediatrician’s in the practice we used in Kansas City.  Her advice is simple: anything goes, just stay away from raw honey. That’s it.


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Delicious Learning

Delicious Learning

My amazing yogi cousin Stephanie (aka Santoshi) has been traveling all over the world teaching yoga since 2008. Stephanie is a vegan, and write a (hysterical) blog about her adventures with her husband John as they experience different cultures and meal options! She’s a great role model, and perfect example of someone who followed her heart to live her life pursuing her passion. Stephanie, thanks for letting me share your post and I can’t wait to see you this summer at the lake 🙂

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