Mom and Baby Yoga

Mom + Baby Yoga, Athleta

Every mom knows that time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it. As a mom of three kids ages 13, 9 and 17 months, I often find myself wishing for more time, and especially time spent individually with each of my children, as their ages and interests are so varied. Staying active, whether it’s running, yoga or surfing helps me stay happy, sane and balanced while taking care of my kids and running my yoga studio. So whenever I can combine my practice with spending quality time with my kids, it’s a total bonus.

I’m excited to share this short mom and baby yoga sequence designed to be practiced with your baby or toddler, as it is especially those of us with young babes at home that are the shortest on time (and the most in need of yoga!).

Click to read the full article by Jessica Bellofatto written on the Chi Athleta Blog: Mom and Baby Yoga: The Perfect Yoga Partners

Jessica is wearing the Stripes Chaturanga Capri and Fastest Track Tank from Athleta, one of my absolute favorite stores for fitness and leisure-wear.

“Lactation Suite” for Traveling Mamas

Lactation Suite

Thank you Seventh Generation & Mamava for developing these Lactation Suites for pumping or nursing! A great idea 🙂 I’d love to see some options in NYC. Penn Station is not an ideal pumping spot, and I imagine I’m not the only one who’s had to sit with her Medela on her lap…

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We all think our way is the best way

As a nursing mom who works from home, I’ve very rarely been away from my 7 month old for more than a few hours. I can’t think of anyone I’ve spent this much time with day after day, hour after hour. Our apartment is so small, even his porta-crib is right next to our bed. At night we’re only separated by a few inches and wooden crib slats that keep him safe in “baby jail.”

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Safe Sippy Cup

safe sippy with

Because my little guy doesn’t drink from a bottle all that much, getting his first cup was a big deal.  Well, it was for me. I wandered into Buy Buy Baby one afternoon to return a few items we didn’t need and thought it might be a good time to casually swing through the sippy cup section.

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Keeping Balance

Motivation from

Guys, this is going to be a short one. As you can see from my last post with Pocket Poppet – I’ve been a busy girl! I’m not complaining. I like the steady buzz of activity – professionally and personally – and feel a little lost without it.

Since my little one is nearly crawling, there’s constant activity in our little summer cottage! [Read more…]