Breastfeeding 101 – Preparation for Pregnant Mamas

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DIY Facial Toner

DIY toxin-free Facial Toner
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Easy & Safe Food Storage

Plastic 101

It’s fairly common knowledge that toxic chemicals can leach out of many plastic containers into food or drinks. Luckily for modern consumers, this is fairly easy to avoid. Toss any scratched plastic, recycle numbers 3, 6 & 7 (found on the bottom) and refrain from heating food in plastic.

Keep reading for detailed information on what recycle numbers found on the bottom of containers mean, and even further down for better, cheaper options for your family.

Veggie Mac & Cheese

Veggie Mac & Cheese
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Welcome to LIVE FREE

Bridget Lives Free is a lifestyle blog dedicated to making your life easier.

Welcome, and congratulations on your decision to LIVE FREE! Your body is truly a scientific masterpiece, and the only one you have – so treat it well.

High doses of artificial chemicals and synthetics are bad for you.* Consider what you come in contact with everyday: hair and skin products, makeup, processed food, air pollution, UVA/UVB rays, artificial colors and flavors. Did you know something as innocent-seeming as your furniture can emit toxic chemicals? That’s right – formaldehyde. The National Toxicology Program described formaldehyde as “known to be a human carcinogen” and according to the Environmental Protection Agency it may cause cancer. It doesn’t stop there.

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